Saturday, August 2, 2014

Torture Chambers and Soccer Fields

When the neurologist ordered a tilt table test for me last week, I really didn't know what to expect. She just said that it'd probably give us the answers we were looking for, as to why I keep fainting.

Sounds like a plan.

So Thursday morning, I head to the hospital and the nurse takes me to this room where a bed with large straps attached on either side, monitors and IV hangers, and "emergency equipment" (like oxygen masksalert buttons, and defibrillators) are all chilling in one room.


And then she has to go and say, "Yea, it looks like a torture chamber, I know." I feel SO much less nervous:)

She then explains how it goes......I get strapped to this bed for 2 minutes lying down and then 30 minutes standing up to see if I faint. And then she says, "So you and I will get to chat for 30 minutes about whatever you want to talk about!"

Way to make a missionary's day:)   You don't know what you just got yourself into.......

And it was WAY easier than contacting......or tracting. Basically, I should get tests like this taken more often:)

After getting strapped in......don't ask......yes it was REALLY weird.......they stand me up, and then...........30 minute discussion.......GO.

When she finds out I'm a Mormon missionary, she says, " I have some questions.....mostly just things I've heard and  I don't know if they are misconceptions or not......"

(I'm thinking: multiple bible......horns........anti-Bible.......y'know....all the crazy questions we get asked as Mormons)

She then starts dishing them out:

"Mormon's can't wear makeup, right?"         Pretty sure I'm living proof that they can:)

"Mormons can't chew gum, right?"                Wouldn't be Mormon if we couldn't:)

"Mormons don't dance, right?"                       Depends on whether or not you call the Deacon Shuffle dancing:) lol

"Were the Osmonds like legit Mormons, or not really?"    "Legit Mormons"?? Not sure how to answer that question.....;)

We had a really good conversation (despite the fact that I was awkwardly tied to a table) and she told me afterwards, that she was really glad to know the truth about Mormons.......and she also mentioned that she had a son my same age who shared similar interests in sports, business management, and working out.....and he wasn't currently dating anyone soooooooooo........

Sooooooooooo...............I'm a missionary, see.........

It was worth a shot, though:)

By the end of the test, everything came back NORMAL......AGAIN. I was torn between disappointed and relieved. I just want answers, but looks like now they'll have to wait till after the mission, when I can get more extensive tests done. I'm content, though, and I'm actually glad that now I can just focus solely on the work, without dealing with doctor's appointments, tests, and more doctor's appointments on the side.

Basically, it's in His handsAnd I'm good with that:)

We got a phone call Wednesday night from the director of the Relay for Life (the one that got oblivionated because of the tornado:) who told us it'd been rescheduled.......for tomorrow......and asked if we could help out for 4-8 hours.


So whatever plans we had scheduled for Thursday got postponed and we pitched in at the relay. Our first assignment was to take over 400 paper bags filled with a glow stick and stand them up in a l.o.n.g. ring down the entire. soccer. field.


In case you're wondering....400 paper bags.......yea....that's A LOT of paper bags. Just sayin. It looked SO good by the time it was done, though, and the relay staff was impressed......#missionaccomplished

At the end of the night, one of the staff members offered us a bunch of free swag-bag stuff......cups, pencils, magnets, t-shirts, snap bracelets....y'know the kind. And then she pulls out a collapsable ice chest and says, "Oh, girls, you gotta take one of these! Just look at how many beers you could fit in that!!"

We tried to explain that we didn't drink but it just ended in, "Oh, well you're not 21 yet, but you're outta high school sooooooooo....[wink, wink]"

No really.

I don't at all.

Oh well.....what are ya gonna do?? We ended up taking it to make her happy, and one of these days, we'll find out how many IBC’s we can fit in it:) lol

Oh....and we also got our FISH this week!!!! Feels SO weird having a pet, but good news: He's not gone belly-up yet! And that's saying a lot:)

 #proudparents       #justkeepswimming

We went and visited an investigator this week that's been a bit tough to get in contact with. We knock on the door and hear her two dogs inside going B.I.Z.E.R.K.....and then we hear her, "Boys, it someone you don't know? If it tear them to shreds, ok? Tear them to shreds!"

Uhhhhhhhhhhhuhuh.........should we leave now? or later??

She eventually peeked out the window with, "Oh hi!!.....Wait, I have to go put my dogs away....they can be kinda vicious."

Kinda  vicious??

After the dogs were "put away" she let us in and we got to talk for a while about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration. She was a bit skeptical and cross-checked us a couple times using Bible verses and probing it was an interesting lesson, but at the end, she said, "Well, I can't join the Mormon church without going to it, so I'll have to be allowed to come to your services."

I think we could arrange that......

We left with a standing offer to come to church, and she agreed to come, "just maybe not for the whole 3 hours.....that might kill me."   No worries......the death rate's been on the decline ever since refreshments during Relief Society was suggested........

#survivor       #RStotherescue

So….we’re teaching, preaching, and up-reaching! The work is hastening, and I’m continually amazed at how blessed I am to be a part of it!

Yea, the days can be hard and long sometimes, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger………. (lemme guess…….. K Clarkson just started blaring in your head:) lol

But anyways…….being a missionary is SO rewarding and the lesson’s I’m learning and the person I’m becoming because of it is unbelievable sometimes.

And I wouldn’t trade that for the world!!

Onward and upward,

Sister Anna Parker