Thursday, August 21, 2014


Just a fair warning to any prospective missionaries: a mission will get you WAY outside your comfort zone, making you do stuff you'd NEVER dream of doing otherwise.

 It's great. Really.

Life's always an adventure.....

Example: Sis Bishop and I felt prompted to stop by the part-member family that we'd met in the park last week while doing tye dye shirts. We knocked, and the mom answered and readily let us in. We walked through the door and weren't two feet inside, when a large rat-looking creature scurried across the floor.

We just about hit. the. ceiling.

 Like heart-leap, friend-grab, scream-supress, jump-on-chair status.           FREAKS.

The mom then says, "Oh, there's Owen! We've been missing him....." and goes over and picks up this long scrawny FERRET, "wanna hold him??"


"Uh.....bettah not........"

Instead........I had to reach out my hand and pet the thing with, "aw! how cute!".....which wasn't really a lie.....he had cute eyes......but that was about it;) She then goes to the back and brings out TWO more. By this point Sis Bishop and I are D.Y.I.N.G. And then.....she tells us that two more are wandering around the house somewhere......oh.....and that they love burrowing in the couch we're sitting on.

I just about came unscrewed. Throughout the remainder of the lesson, Sis Bishop kept eyeing the back of the couch and under her feet, expecting at any moment a "large rat" to start gnawing at us. Luckily, we didn't see any more of them during the lesson, and the lesson ended up being very open and powerful. Turns out, the mom told us that she'd unexpectedly decided to work from home that day, which she rarely does, so despite our ferret introduction, we'd landed a miracle. She said it herself;) By the end, she accepted the invitation to read the Book of Mormon and we're planning to stop by again soon!

Wednesday, we met up with the blood drive coordinator so she could tour the church building and approve it for the blood drive coming up. She came in, gave us our marketing flyers and posters, and then we showed her around the building. We ended up having an hour long conversation in the gym about our purpose and experiences as missionaries, religion, and her life story. She opened up to us, and told us about her background and experiences with different religions, and we invited her to attend our church meetings with us. She accepted!

It's truly amazing to watch the Lord put different people in our path, who are willing to "try it out" and accept this beautiful message we have to share. It's a total testimony to me that the gospel is true, because it innately attracts those with faith enough to give it a chance. It draws people closer to God and they can feel it! Ah! It's amazing!

Our zone also had it's monthly activity this week.......EXTREME TRAMPOLINE STYLE. 

Holy fun.

 It legit.....basically a hallway of trampolines, a foam pit, and a dodge ball room....gah! 

coolest. zone. activity. EVER.  And I can now to a front flip, back flip, round off, and wall flip......#stylin:)

On FB this week......yea the adventure never ends....I got messaged by an investigator who told me he's looking for a "good Christian wife" who can clean his dishes, do his laundry, and manage his household.......and I was the perfect candidate.......mmmmmkkkkkkk.


That's called a maid................Not a wife.....................And not me. lols

#singlestatus       #noshame

Finally.....the H.I.G.H.L.I.G.H.T. of our week was GOING TO THE TEMPLE WITH BETHANY!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! It was absolutely amazing! It was the first time that I've been able to go the temple with an investigator for the first time, and I was ecstatic!!!! It was probably one of the happiest days of my life! Being there with her, dressed in white, and seeing her experience the joy and peace that is found in the House of The Lord.......AH! There is NO feeling more rewarding!!!! 

It opened my eyes to the eternal nature of this work! Success in missionary work doesn't end at doesn't even end at the temple.....The Lord just continues to bless us with more and more and we continue to have an impact on others because of our actions. What started with Bethany's own baptism, will now become the baptism and temple work of those who have passed on. She's changing lives both here and in the eternities! It's beyond rewarding to know that I got to play a part in her conversion and being there with her in the temple......that feeling is indescribable!!! I wouldn't trade that for all the world!!

This work is true. It's powerful. It's fun. It's rewarding. And it's contagious:)

So share, invite, serve, REPEAT.

Onward and upward,

Sister Anna Parker

Sis bishop didn't believe me when I said to use a lid on the blender.......#fail;)  #lovemycomp