About Me

Confession session........I  N.E.V.E.R.  thought I'd be serving as a full-time missionary.

I was always that kid in Young Woman's who didn't raise her hand when they asked how many of us were thinking of serving a mission, and I was the one who watched Errand of Angels and just about keeled over and d.i.e.d.......

was always my reaction to even the thought of serving.

Until.........I got my patriarchal blessing and then the age change was lowered so that sisters could serve at age 19. That was like getting hit by a ton of bricks.

I knew I was supposed to serve and that prompting was undeniable. I turned in my papers, got my call, and here I am......serving as a full-time missionary in the Illinois Chicago Mission!!

And it's the best decision I ever made! This experience is priceless! 

Deets on the peep:

In addition to being a missionary, I love the great outdoors, camping, hiking, and just being out in nature. I'm a gym doll....can't get enough of it....especially on the mish;)! I love working out, pushing myself physically, and being adventurous. Sports are my addiction.....get me in a game, and I'm content:)

 I love being spontaneous, laughing out loud, and getting crazy.

I'm country music lover and a cowgirl at heart. My horses mean the world to me...

I love black licorice, late-night talks, dancing in the rain, being a big sister, taking pictures, hanging out with friends, last-minute road trips, mint-colored anything, British accents, lilacs, and I'm a sucker for sand, ocean, and the wind in my hair.

............love me some living............