Friday, June 27, 2014

Missionary Workouts

[Instert Family Feud background music]

"We surveyed 100 missionaries.....the top 5 answers are on the board...."

Q: Name the most popular missionary workouts:

1. 1 minute of leg lifts, followed by 29 minutes of recovery
2. 10 crunches (in bed.....attempting to roll out for morning prayers)
3.  Pouring milk onto cereal counts as a bicep workout, right?
4.  30 straight minutes of actual working out......
5.  Zzzzzzzzzzz.........

(btw...#5.....don't even think about it....)

Here's the scoop: It's 30 MINUTES. 

I feel ya....somehow working out (pre-mish) 3-4 hours a day at the gym to earn a personal trainer's license, on top of rugby practice at night and basketball tournaments in the morning, wasn't half as hard as now pulling my eyelids open in the morning as a missionary and lacing up my Nike's to go workout for a measly half hour. 

S.O.M.L.'s a whole wold easier for me to hit the ground in the morning, ready to workout, if I HAVE OPTIONS. Like over 30 I don't have to repeat a single workout in a month. 


So.....I'm uploading my 30+ workouts for all ya girls (and guys?) out there who want 30 minute workouts (almost all of which don't require any equipment, and little space) so that 6 weeks to sexy rather than 10 weeks to tons happens;)

Get out there. Push hard. Be obedient by working out. Blessings come. Oh, and have fun!

(the hand-written workouts are my own workouts, so if they're not self-explanatory, shoot me an email: I just printed all of these workouts off before my mission, put them in sheet protectors, and keep them in a workout binder.) 

Click here to view and download:   Missionary Workouts (over 30+)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Can I Get an Amen?!

The prospect of working out gets me out of bed in the morning……..yea I’m a freak. 

SO….Wednesday morning, I pull my companion out of bed, grab my Saucony’s, and head out the door, convincing Sister Bishop that this workout is going to be e.p.i.c.

Not 10 minutes out, we’re blazing down an oak-lined street, and I’m happily jabbing away while Sis Bishop is still trying to wake up…..when I feel “drops” coming down from the tree we’re under.

I look down at my shirt and IMMIEDATELY…...... start KRUMPING.


And it’s not just on my shirt. It’s on my shirt…..AND my pants…..AND my head (!!!!!). What on earth is that bird doing up there?!? 

One thing’s for sure…..we never got home faster than we did that morning. And after a thorough shower……I ate eggs for breakfast to show that peep what I’m capable of;) hahaha!

That same morning, we head out to district meeting and the sky was SO close with tons of huge gray clouds moving SO fast and billowing like crazy…….(don’t worry….I took a video of it for the awkward-RM show-your-slides night when I get back.)

By the time we got to the church building, it was starting to rain. Soon the thunder came, the lightening started flashing, and we could hear tornado sirens screaming in the distance. At the end of our meeting, our district leader turned to me and asked me to accompany the group in “Onward Christian Soldiers.”

The one time in my life I’ve had legit background music.

That lightning and thunder could have been bombs going off for all we cared…..EPIC. Probs one of the coolest mission moments I’ve had……it made up for the non-epic-ness of the morning workout;) lol

By Saturday, we thought out adventures were more or less over…….never been more wrong in MY LIFE.

Right before we’re supposed to start personal study, a member of our ward, Sister G., calls us frantically:

“Sisters! I need your help! My one daughter (Amy) is in town for the week, and my other daughter (Jessica) is flying in from Hawaii right now, and Amy doesn’t know….it’s a surprise for her! I need to go pick Jessica up from the airport, but Amy needs help with the kids and with our yard sale while I’m gone. CAN YOU HELP??”

Sure thing. I’m always up for surprises.

So we fly out the door 10 minutes later, show up, and meet our member who’s outside setting up the yard sale. We whisper and laugh for a few minutes over the up-coming surprise, and then Sister G. instructs us to go inside to help Amy.

We walk in the back door, and the first thing Amy says to us is:

“Sisters! How did you know to come right now! You’re a miracle! Don’t tell my Mom, but my sister is flying into town right now from Hawaii and it’s a surprise for her! It’s a total miracle that you showed up when you did, because I have to go pick them up from the airport and Mom needs help here with the kids and garage sale!”

Housten……we have a problem.

Sister Bishop and I were D.Y.I.N.G.!!!! Hahaha! We decided to play the fool and let it all play out on it’s own, so we didn’t fill Amy in, but just went with it.

Eventually, Sister G. comes in and Amy tells her she has to run a quick errand. We could totally see the wheels turning, jamming, and then re-turning again in Sister G’s mind;) lol!

As soon as Amy left the room, Sister G turns to us and says, “I’ll bet you anything, she knows about it, but doesn’t know I know about it!”


Sister G kept it a secret till Amy picked up Jessica and her family and got home ……. PRICELESS. Gotta love a family with secrets;) lol

When our work was done there…..we headed right off to our next service project:

Earlier in the week, I’d looked online for community service opportunities and found a Cancer Walk for Life happening right down the road from us.


So we get hooked up with the committee and show up Saturday morning to start lining stages with purple plastic, taping signs up, and hauling tables, gift baskets, food, and equipment to all sorts of places out on the HS football field. We were having a blast, acting as the DJ’s pre-run audience, chasing down run-away papers in the wind, and meeting people from all over the community who were uber nice…….like Mormon status nice;)

We even met a long-time less-active, Russell, who seemed excited to be in contact with “church people” again (he’s less-active because his wife is not a member)…..we were obviously meant to be there …….K.A.R.M.A…..

After about 6 hours of event prep…..everything was almost finished and families were showing up, setting up tents, putting out lawn chairs, and decked in their team colors and accessories.

And then it HAPPENED.

One of the committee members comes hurrying onto the field, telling us that a MAJOR STORM WAS HEADED OUR WAY. Torrential rains, winds up to 50 mph, etc……the whole nine yards.

Well SNAP.

So we frantically started hauling gift baskets, raffle prizes, food, and equipment into a small brick shed nearby. After that was done, we headed to the DJ stand with Russell to help cover the sound equipment in black trash bags.

By the time we’d finished, the rain was POURING down in sheets and we agreed we didn’t want to get soaked by trying to head for the shed.


So we sat down, right then and there, with Russell while the wind was howling and sirens are blaring in the background, and did what current full-time and past-time missionaries do…….we shared mission stories.

Makes sense.

He started telling us all kinds of stories, and we could see the light in his eyes as he recalled his mission. That light… well as the light from the now-turning brownish-green sky. We’d been out for about 15 minutes when the group huddled in the brick shed started screaming at us. We turned to see all of them flailing their arms, signaling for us to come, and trying to yell over the howling wind.

Russell: “Crud. Well….guess we better go.”

SO…..despite our desire to stay out and watch the storm…..we ran for it and YES… SOAKED. We’d barely gotten inside when one of the twelve wet and terrified woman in the shed pulled the garage door down and we all stood there confusedly blinking in the dark.


All you could hear were twelve jittery women fluttering between, “TORNADO!…….funnel winds! ….touchdown!….green sky!.....too young to die!….we’re going to get hit!……(and then a whole lotta) get down on the ground! Get flat! Get down on the ground! My husband always says….get down flat! Green sky, get down!” and one pessimistic DJ muttering in the corner...... “my equipment’s going to get RUINED. Blasted tornado.”

Sister Bishop and I couldn’t help but suppress laughter…..all the while one of the 60 year old woman in the group crouched down with her head poked out under the garage door, giving us weather updates every 2 minutes.

And THEN…..the prompting came.

“Offer to pray”

Sold. They've got no where to go:) So I waited for my cue (a huge crack of lightning and boom of thunder…and subsequent terrified squeals), before announcing, “Would it be ok if we prayed for our safety and the safety of those out in the storm??”

Unanimously the women harped, “Yes! Oh yes! Yes, yes, yes!” and started forming a circle in the small 10x4 foot area we were in, each holding hands with their neighbor (yea, and Sister B ended up holding hands with Russell…..

(btw…it’s not awkward holding hands with non-mormon guys in a prayer circle, but holding hands with member guys…esp. returned missionary guys….in a prayer circle….now THAT’s awkward;) lol)

BUUUT…..before I could begin praying, a woman in the circle shouts, “Ladies! 10 HAIL MARY’s! 10 HAIL MARY’s!”

And again…..unanimously the women harped, “Yes! Oh yes! Yes, yes, yes!”

GREAT……..Well…THAT backfired on us.

So off they go: “Hail Mary, Full of Grace, The Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women…..” Over and over and over again…………While the three of us Mormons (two of us wearing the nametag of SISTER) just stand there speechless.

Now what??

Eventually, the lead woman stops and says, “Hail Mary, full of grace…ok! Ok! Ok! ……that’s probably good enough, right??” 

I’m thinking……WRONG.

So…..the Spirit of course….nudges me and I muster up, “Would it be ok if we (pointing to Sister Bishop and I) prayed?”

More unanimous “yes’s” and we bowed our heads in prayer. As I began that prayer, I was immediately struck by the difference in the Spirit that came. It filled that small brick shed, with a dozen wet and scared women huddling together while a tornado swirled around outside. I KNEW I was talking with GOD. HE was the one I was addressing….that I was going to as my FATHER…..who I needed help from and who I knew was listening to my prayer.

I wasn’t talking to Mary…and I wasn’t turning to my iPhone to find assurance from the Weather Channel that I was going to be safe…….I was turning to HIM. God Himself. And through that prayer, I knew we’d be granted safety, and that He was with us.

When I ended, there were quiet, “Thank you’s” and “That was beautiful.” They felt it. They felt the difference. The conversation suddenly went from “we’re going to die” to “God is with us.” One of the women who just moments ago was crying, “get down on the ground! Get down, get down!” stood there calmly next me and with her arm around me said, “Trust in God and it will be ok….that’s what my mother used to tell me. He’s with us.”

I looked at her straight in the eyes and said, “HE IS!”   And I knew it with all my heart!

After the funnel winds passed, the rain eventually died off, and we left the shed. EVERYTHING we'd set up....tents, stands, tables, signs.....were trashed around the field, some stuff floating down the field with the rainwash and other items strewn every which way. It was kinda depressing.

Unfortunately, they had to call off the whole event an hour before it was supposed to start, but hey, we got more service in afterwards, helping with clean up:) #blessingsindisguise

AND....we gave away our number to a number of the women that were in the shed with us, AND we got a dinner appointment with our less-active! I called it a good day:)

Sunday came and so did Bethany WITH her MOM!!! We were stoked! Her mom ended up staying for all three hours too!! What what! Afterwards, we gave Bethany a tour of the baptismal font and walked her through the program. When we first offered to have her mom say the prayer at the baptism, she declined, but after we'd showed her the font, and talked about Saturday as such a special day for Bethany, her mom said, "Well, I was actually thinking, maybe I should say the prayer, so I can be a part this for you, Bethany."


We're keeping our fingers crossed that the Spirit works on her and she can see the difference its making in her daughter's life! Gonna happen.....

Oh...another Sunday occurrence......we went to a dinner appointment at a member's, and at the end of dinner, their boys tell us that the elders were over yesterday and had a go at pogo sticking. We got visual proof too.


Sister Bishop and I turned to leave just as their sons pulled out the pogo sticks and handed them to us with, "are you better than the elders?" Can't let the elders outdo us now, can we??

SO....I pogo sticked in a maxi skirt.   


And we proved that pogo sticking in a skirt takes more skill than pogo sticking in slacks. #sisterswag #whatupelders 

So we're keeping busy, serving with a smile, and teaching with the spirit.......and it's A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!!

I'm continually reminded that The Lord calls the weak things of the world (MISSIONARIES) to do His work, because they easily rely on Him. The Lord doesn't expect us to be perfect. A mission teaches you how far from perfect you actually are:)

BUT it also teaches you just how powerful you can become because you're representing HIM and can tap into His power and blessings if you're trying your best!

So....just "try a little harder, to be a little better!" (President Hinckley)

Onward and upward! 

Sister Anna Parker

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Car Accidents, Creeps, and Awkward Convos

We have a less-active we're working with who we keep trying to get to church, read scriptures, fulfill a calling, etc. and this week we wanted to either give HIM a good laugh, OR.......we wanted to see if he's actually reading the assignments we give him....SO.....our text convo goes something like this....:

Us: Hey Bro P--! Are you coming to church on Sunday?
Bro P: Maybe
Us: Well, we'd love to see you there! Oh, and here's a scripture we thought you'd like, 1 Nephi 2:15. Let us know what you think!

[STOP here and go read 1 Nephi 2:15]

Bro P: Nice :)
Us: Did you read it? ;)
Bro P: No not, yet. But I will

Bro P (five minutes later): That's a good one...I recall a conference talk on that not too long ago.

FAIL.......F-A-I-L. we know he doesn't do his reading.  Great......Gotta love them less-actives;)

I should mention………….Sis Bishop got us in a car accident this week. NBD. On a P-day. She looked over at me at a stop light....AND pressed on the gas at the same time. Too bad there was a truck in front of us;) Love that girl!  Luckily, it wasn't too bad....just a fender bender that ripped our license plate off and gave me chest pains for an hour afterwards....BUT on the good side....the guy she hit, didn't care about the minor damage to his car, so he waved us off with, "Oh I don't care as long as you guys are ok!"

What. a. gem.

Aaaaaaaaaand he had a s.i.c.k. mustache handelbar status. #swag:) He was SO nice to us......and so was Elder Taggart (the office elder who manages the cars;)….Were going into the shop soon......

We got a phone call this week telling us that Yung had had a fall and is in a care facility, recovering from a minor surgery:( She's apparently going to be back home as soon as they can work out a care plan for her where she can have someone with her 24/7. Until then....she asked HER church members to call US to have us come water her roses and care for her garden till she gets home. #feelingneeded #mormonstatus #winnerwinnerchickendinner    hahaha!

Aaaaaaannnnddddd......the "Boys Across the Street" saga continues....we've met with one and then another, sometimes two and sometimes three of and on this week. Unfortunately, none of them came to church this week, but we're pretty sure if we can get one, we'll get them all;) New mormon message maybe?? That's what we're shooting for;) hahaha!

One of them, we're trying to get interested in the church vs. the state.....(A.K.A the gospel versus the girl teaching the gospel:)'s uh.....interesting;) Boys....they're crazy:)

We've also been teaching a guy from RUSSIA!!! should be proud;) His name is Lev and he brought his friend Stan with him. We're starting to teach them English at the church building once a's always an party;) This week...we were a bit scatter-brained because neither of us have ever taught English, and so we're newbies with no idea what we're doing. They enjoyed the lesson, though, and want to come back....good sign I'm assuming;) haha!

Lev wants to learn more idioms…..(I’m now trying to separate Twitter idioms from English idioms;)…..especially the one, “Speaking of the devil!”

He tells us, “Why you say that? Why call me a devil!? I not the devil! You Americans….no make sense. Strange….strange.”

He’s gotta point……

Afterwards, we took them on a tour of the church building, and ended up in the chapel. When they saw the organ and the piano, the “Oooo's” and “ahhhh's” came did the many stories of pipe organs and angelic choirs of Europe. Aaaaannnddd...then....of course......the question we were dreading, "You have a choir, right?"

Uhhhhh...yes.....BUT....I don't think it's exactly what you think it is. We ain't no Monteverdi. Or even Mo-Tab for that reason. ]

SO...divert their attention……and instead...we took them up on the stand, I flipped on the organ, and began to play. Soon Sis Bishop and I started to sing, "Nearer My God To Thee" and the spirit FILLED the room. It was p.o.w.e.r.f.u.l. They stood there quietly, and just listened. Afterwards, the first thing they said was,

"When does church start on Sunday? What should we wear? Can we listen to the scriptures being read in English? Where should we sit? Does your congregation do donations?"

Ah!!! It was amazing! And I gained a testimony of the power of hymns and music to touch hearts!!! (And...those organ lessons....turns out....maybe.....sorta.....kinda.....payed off:) haha!

We've resorted to doing service for investigators we have a hard time meeting with. It gets us in faster…..oddly enough;) Sooooo……how bout walking their dogs??  Shrup. Oh, and come to find, it's a great conversation starter too while you're passing other dog-walkers;) #strategy.

But then, there always comes the questions from members on Sunday, "Sisters.....were you by chance walking a large German Shepherd down Main St on Friday??" 

Weeeeeeell's the thing......:) Hey, at least we're getting noticed now....

I'm still teaching deaf friends online....skpying and having a blast! It's amazing to see the Lord blessing me as I pick up the language more and more. The gift of tongues should have a sub-label of the gift of hands;) hahaha! #nerdalert;) lol

Saturday morning, I had my first "Time to get out of this lesson.....NOW" experience.

We dropped by to visit an investigator and soon after we sat down, we asked her what she wanted out of life. She told us she wanted independence....the type that would come from "massive wealth" and “being subject to no one."  We went with it, but eventually, I started getting really uneasy….like we needed to back out ASAP.  We started wrapping up, and got on the topic of inviting her to church. She got very quite, and almost zoned out when we asked her if she wanted to attend. Eventually, she told us firmly "No." After asking her why, she literally hissed, "No. No. I don't trust anyone. I can't trust people....I've been let down too much, especially those who are so-called Christians."

As soon as she said that, I was hit by a wave of darkness. It's the most disturbing feeling you will E.V.E.R. get. It was absolutely chilling. All I was waiting for was eye contact with my companion before tailing it to the door. In desperation, I began praying, asking for the spirit to come back into my heart and mind.

In my mind, the words came, "Focus your thoughts on me. Testify and then leave."

Immediately, I imagined the Savior. And immediately, that light was restored in my heart. I felt filled with the conviction that the power of God was greater than the power of the devil. I opened my mouth and testified that all things are possible through God, and that His power is second to none. I told her I knew that God was real, and that the gospel was true. Immediately, the darkness in my mind began to leave.

I've never walked taller.

It was a haunting experience, yea, but I left that lesson, knowing that the power of God FAR outweighs the power of the adversary. I KNOW that the only way to true satisfaction and happiness is through Jesus Christ. He truly is the Light.  I felt that!

His power will always be greater, and when we side with Him, we side with victory. We’re on the winning team, and no one and nothing can stop this work. Don’t let anything stop your testimony from growing either! That light and happiness cannot be found anywhere but in this gospel and in Jesus Christ!!!

The Church is so true, I can’t even believe it!:)

 Onward and upward,

Sister Anna Parker

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Memories and Meth

Friday is one of those days that's always kinda rough. The work starts slowing down before the weekend when the "normal" world gets all busy with weekend adventures, chores, and events, while we're in missionary bubble trying to get in contact with people, teach, serve, and not think about up-coming P-day too much.

Sooooooooo....what better way to mix it up than to prank your companion?

Sis B and I are always looking for a good laugh (hey, it's how we role;), so I decided to "make her day"......wink wink...... One word:


Hmmmmmm........koolaid plus a shower head?......perfection.

Ten minutes before Sis B hopped in the shower, I went and sprinkled Koolaid in the shower head, screwed it back on, and then....of course.....acted all nonchelant walking out. I know....I'm a brat;)  

Five minutes later, I hear the shower go on and..........wait for it........then comes the peals of laughter and "Sister Parker!!!! You're SO dead!!" 


Yea, that bout sums up our relationship.     #laughterluvrs     #4lyf

Later that week, we went to help Yung again.....HIGHLIGHT. of. the. week. She opens the door, smiling and waving, and then takes us by the hand to her back yard. She points to the water spout where water is leaking from the attached hose.

"LOOK! LOOK! Too much water! Come out! Not good!"

Getting the hunch that she wanted us to fix her leaky pipe, we went over with her to start fiddling with it. Sister Bishop started cranking the handle--the WRONG way--and sure enough, water starts spraying ALL over YUNG. 

Poor 90 year old woman gets water dripping from her glasses, streaming down her face, and splashed all over her clothes....and then turns to Sister Bishop t.o.t.a.l.l.y. speechless. Then out of the blue, she starts seizing with giggles. If vertically rolling in laughter is a thing....that's what she did. The cutest little high-pitched, almost totally-silent laughter, with her eyes squinted tight and her hand over her mouth.


She she picks up the mop she was using as a cane and starts spanking us both with, "BAD GIRL! BAD GIRL!" all the time her little frame is shaking with laughter. We were laughing SO hard!! All the while back to her house, as we helped her in, she kept saying,

"Funny funny girls! So silly! Make me funny!" 

Ah! Can't we take her home with us?? She's a gem for sure, and we always come away from visiting her with new laughs and good memories;)

When we visited her on the weekend, she introduced us to her upstairs "friend"/tenant. He walked in and introduced himself with, "Hey, nice to meet you. My name's BRIGHAM."

And you're not Mormon?!?  Boy do we have a religion for you........I've now officially met someone who's named Brigham and who's NOT Mormon...or even heard of Mormons for that reason.       #bucketlist       #check

He agreed to a Book of Mormon and said he'd give it a try........ Wait till he hears about Utah;)

We also got to help out with the $30,000 HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR PARTY...... no joke cost that much to put on. C.R.A.Z.Y. Why didn't my high school have a senior party like that......#feelingjipped
The theme was reality TV so I got to re-live the pre-mish days while tapping up pictures of Ryan Seacrest, painting coral reefs for Shark Tank, writing word bubbles for hick Si, and getting covered in Honey Boo Boo glitter.

Twist my arm.....

The member of our ward who headed all the decorating was glad for our help, and we LOVED our time there......especially since we got to meet some awesome probable-investigators peeps......can't get enough of those;)

This week we also met with James and his family for FHE!!! Ah! it was a B.L.A.S.T.!!  James is also a past uber-fancy of course.....he made us dinner! Steamed mussles, bacon-wrapped asparagus, white rice and onions, scallops, and a.m.a.z.i.n.g. was a lot of meat......good thing I have low iron;) hahaha! And for desert, he made red velvet brownies....mmmmmmlicious! Pics worries;)

We've also found more people to teach because of our outdoor planning sesh last week. We met with one of the investigators just two days ago, and we'll see where that goes. We stopped by to visit him only to find that his roommates were higher than haystacks.      #crackhousestatus    #methathon     Good time for a word of wisdom lesson, I guess;)

Oh well, what are you going to do.

The other guys live next door to us, so we run into them a lot......(living right by your investigators REALLY has its perks;) and they're all slowly, but surely starting to show interest...... one by one.......getter done;)

We're seeing the Lord working through us daily, and teaching us how to improve and trust in Him more. The work's been a bit slow, but we're starting to see that the Lord has more in mind for us than what we can see right now.

A friend wrote me this week, and got me on a craving study on Christ' repeated invitation to "walk with him" in the scriptures. To me, that's one of the sweetest messages, especially for missionaries. 

Sometimes missionary work can seem like a lonely road. You're away from family, friends, hobbies, school, dating, and yes......twitter and pinterest.....but reading about the Savior's deeply personal invitation to all (esp his full-time servants), "Walk WITH me" opened my eyes to the power and comfort He extends.

We're not in this alone. 

EVER. As a missionary, you walk with Him--the most powerful and loving Being. It's His work. And you're His child.  His missionary.  His hands. 

Walk with Him. Take His hand.

"You let them know that when they struggle, when they are rejected, when they are spit upon and cast out and made a hiss and a byword. They are standing shoulder to shoulder with the best life this world has ever known. The only pure and perfect missionary that ever lived. They have every reason to stand tall and to be grateful that the Savior and Redeemer of the world knows all about their sorrows and their afflictions. And that for a moment or two in their lives, they will understand what He went through for them." (Elder Holland, at a Mission President's Seminar)


Onward and Upward,

Sister Anna Parker

post-part prep photo shoot:) #noshame

the james special..


red velvet goodness

Thursday, June 5, 2014

All Rad, No Bad

Planning day rolls around......on the very day that the weather is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l....... 

And rather than stay cooped up in our apartment for four hours.....we grabbed blankets and sunglasses and hit the back lawn. 
We've been going at it for about an hour, when two neighbor guys come around the corner on bikes and "stop to chat".....about the BoM obviously..... 

No, for reals.....we sat them right down and started teaching the Restoration. Turns out, one of them is the brother of our whipped-cream-game friend from last P-day. It's a sign.......;)

Eventually, another guy from the block comes swaggering over and......restoration discussion #2 takes off.

10 minutes later.....another guy....and another guy....and another.....and they just keep coming. No joke...Sister B and I taught 5 restoration lessons in an hour, took multiple trips back and forth from our car to get more Book of Mormons and cards.

By the end, we were all sitting around a rickety old picnic table.....two white chicks and a slew of guys.....talking about ancient americans, prophets, and heavenly visitations. 

It doesn't get better than that....we made 5 new friends and found a family to teach outta that party.......I call that a good day:) 

On Friday, we stopped-by Yung's house and OMG........I. love. her.!!! She waves us in, saying, "I not see you.....long time......GIRL! GIRL! Come here! [handing me her address book and a pen] write name...address.....telephone number...I call you. You come. You my friend....I miss you....last week, you no come.....I cry, cry, cry!"


When we dropped by last week, we knocked, but no one came to the door, so we got to work in her rose garden, and missed seeing her. Turns out......she missed seeing US.......more than we realized:) soooooooooo......we've decided to adopt her as our grandma.

#asianpersuasion                      #sisterversion 

Before we left, we sang her "Nearer My God To Thee" and the whole while she clapped her hands and rocked back and forth.....letting out the occasional Yung-special ......giggles.....while we sang....GOTTA LOVE HER. 

Feed My Starving Children was another party we hit up this week.......and this time, we brought James' brother, Prem, with us! We had a B.L.A.S.T.!!!  It's an amazing experience having an investigator come and do service with you.......filling up bags with rice and vitamins somehow makes the spirit 10x stronger;) lol 

With transfers happening this week, Sis B and I found out we're still hanging for another 6 and the elders of the ward............are getting...........WHITEWASHED. Meaning......both old elders left...and two nubes came in. 

And they're a.m.a.z.i.n.g.!!!! Love em! In less than a week of being here, they found multiple people to teach and are setting the previously bone-dry area ablaze. Whhhhhaaaaat?!?! We're stoked for this coming transfer, working alongside them. It's gonna be epic;) 

We've been busy with the making;) 

We show up to help out and the decorating director (the member of our ward) introduces us to a new best friend.....SPRAY ADHESIVE. Yea............ Like the aerosol oh-so-much-easier-to-use-than-hot-glue-guns, and in-a-spray-can version of glue. Applying quilting batting to chicken wire has never been easier.......we can now mass-produce. 

Watch for us on SHARK = millions 

After finishing the clouds....we got to drop them off at an old high-school where everything is being stored before being moved to the main high school for senior's night.

This decrepit old building put the CREEP in CREEPY.   

And yes.....I  l.o.v.e.d.  it.......felt like we were in a movie.....creeping through dark hallways with ceiling plaster all over the floor, peeling wallpaper, broken glass, rats running through the walls, and lightbulbs hanging from their sockets...... 



Kinda bummed it's getting torn down. It would have made for the perfect Alfred Hitchcock film set .......   #mysteryluvr     #4lyf 

On Saturday morning, we headed out bright and early to go visit a new investigator, Greg, who we met at the library one day (be in the right places at the right time.....and things happen;). He stopped us, asked what we did as missionaries, and agreed to a visit and a copy of the book of mormon. 

Cool beans. 

We met with him, and taught him the restoration.....he's accepting of what we teach, but not really commital. Y 'know....the old "I can accept the Book of Mormon as true, but that doesn't mean I have to become Mormon" deal.              Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaa, bout that......... 

Oh well. 

 On to better things....... 

BIGGEST OF BIG NEWS: Bethany's on date for baptism!!!!!! We're so pumped!!!! She's decided on June 28th for her big day and we couldn't be HAPPIER!!! We can't wait for her to receive all these blessings and the happiness coming her way!   

(Annnnnnnnnnd.......we've also planned a reunion road trip for when we all get back to Utah.......and when she's my roommate at BYU......and dating some cute RM;).....#partyinprovo favorite line from this week: 

7 year-old boy in the ward: "Yea, I know someone I can share the gospel with." 
Me: "That's awesome! Who's that?" 
Boy: "My friend A---......we talk about church sometimes" 
Me: "You do! That's great! What have you told him?" 
 Boy: "Well...we talk about the gospel.....the Book of Mormon.....and a lot about conspiracy theories." 

Mmmmmmmmmkkkkkkkkkkkk.      hahaha!

 L.O.V.E. that kid!!!!

We're going strong, loving the spirit, having fun, and remembering to SMILE...... 

I'm learning more and more the longer I'm out here just how aware God is of me. He loves each of His children more than I can even comprehend, and as a missionary, we get to feel that love SO powerfully both for those we meet and for ourselves. 

I've never felt so loved and able to love so strongly in my life!!!  It makes me wanna go out and share that love with others here goes;)

Onward and Upward,

Sister Anna Parker