Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Last night, at our dinner appointment, we were playing the "Family Dinner Game of Questions" with a family, when the card was drawn, 

"Would you like your life to be made into a reality TV show?"

I probably SCARED the poor kid, because "NO" came pouring out of my mouth before he'd even finished. haha!

Why? Cause my life could actually be a reality TV show. Seriously


And a new season would be out e.v.e.r.y. week.                                       #lifeofasismish

For reals, this week has been another type of crazy. Honestly, probably one of the hardest weeks of my mission thus far. JOY.

First up, WE GOT OUR iPADS!!!! 


Uber exciting. It still feels kinda weird having one, but it's a good weird. Basically, e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. we do now, is with our ipads:

Weekly planners                                #oldschool
Area book binders                            #oldschool
Paper-copy ward directories       #oldschool
Whiteboard goals                              #oldschool
Monthly calendars                           #oldschool
Flip-chart visual aids                       #oldschool

We're in the know now. 

We even got them delivered by Santa (see pics below)! #missionarychristmas #iwasntkidding

We're still in the process of figuring out how to use the Church-issued software, updating our digital area books, adding contacts, setting up area emails, etc. but it's a JOY RIDE!


On the down.....

So, I went in to the cardiologists on Thursday and after sitting in a waiting room as the only person under 80 years old there to see a cardiologist and an hour long appointment, they set me up for chest x-rays, a stress test, and a "rushed referral" appointment with a Cardiac Electrophysiologist. Whatever that is. 

Basically, I don't have an arrhythmia, its just an irregular heart beat that beats regularly. However, I feel like there's more to the story than their telling me (probably because they could already tell I was FREAKING out about the whole thing), so.......more doctors appointments. JOY.

They were able to get me in for the stress test the next day, and after hooking me up with a million different wires to the point where I looked like a WALKING SOCKET STRIP, they had me walk and then run on the treadmill.

So the nurse explains to me how it all works: 7 stages to the test--7 speeds along with 7 inclines.

Here's how it went:

         Stage 1: "Pshhhh....this is nothing. Just a stroll through the park...."         

         Stage 2: "Mmmmm....Life is good, spirits are up, feelin good..." 
         Stage 3:  The Cardiologist comes in and says, "Man, you're not even breaking a sweat! Nice! Keep going!" "Gee thanks! Still feelin' good....."          

         Stage 4:  Start running. And running 4.5 mph at a 16 incline. And "Ok, time to get this workout going!"   

         Stage 5:  Nurse: "Now you'll be running at 5.4 mph at a 22 incline." "Gah! For serious!? I didn't even know they made machines with inclines that tall!!"           

        Stage 6: Somebody shoot me. Then the dizziness set in. Duh, I'm basically being asked to run up a wall--6 mph at a 24 incline!!!

No wonder they call it a STRESS test. Geez laweez. 

(I was glad when it was all over, even though it felt good to be able to work out that hard since mission life makes it difficult to get in a blaster workout like that!)

They made me stay there till my heart rate was down, and then said I could leave. I took a quick run to the restroom to freshen up and, lo and behold, I


Yea. In the Cardiologists bathroom. Swell. Try explaining that one to the nurse. Awkward maybe?

"So I just passed out in your bathroom after you put me on a treadmill and asked me to run my heart out....."

I did learn though that if you want to get help from anyone ASAP at a doctor's office, just drop the "I fainted" bomb, and the hive'll start buzzing. So off I go:

More wires. More monitoring. More juice and crackers. More heart rate print-outs. More nurses. More doctors....

Eventually, the cardiologist said nothing looked out of the norm, so they let me go, still unsure why I passed out. SO, my next appointment is on the 9th of December, and till then, I'm supposed to do the best I can with the dizziness, fatigue, shakiness, and possible fainting. JOY.
On the up side, we got a former investigator upgraded to current investigator!! We met with him, and he's agreed to keep meeting with us, attend church, and start reading the Book of Mormon again. JOY!

We also had three of our favorite investigators (they're all our favorites, actually:) go Where's Waldo on us this week. No answered phone calls, texts, and even when we dropped by one night with all the lights in the house answer. JOY

"We know you're in there!" 

Been tempted SO many times to say it. 

It was a really hard blow losing them. Really hard. Its times like this that you feel like you've failed, and you have continually remind yourself that others have their agency and that despite whether or not they accept the gospel, you've planted seeds of faith, and perhaps one day they'll grow into something! 


Our other investigators are slowly, but surely making progress, though! We've had 3 in-member's-home lessons within the past 2 weeks! It's incredible, the difference in the spirit that comes when you bring investigators into a home where there's already such a spiritual atmosphere--it's noticeably more powerful! 

Y-- and N-- are taking steps towards baptism. It's slow at times, but they've got their sights set, and their goal is the font! It's priceless seeing how the gospel is beginning to change their lives, their hearts, and even their desires. 


This week we also got to go on exchanges, so I got to work for a day in DOWNTOWN. We also got to do some service in SOUTH CHICAGO where (I kid you not) nearly e.v.e.r.y. window has a 


or some other type of similar sign, posted in broad sight for all to see. #feelinsafe #feelinscared

Needless to say, I haven't stopped itching for more of So-Chi since:) Gonna be back.....

This week the Lord's also really been teaching me more about His love. With all the struggles I'm facing, there are times when I get home from teaching an investigator "God loves you and has a plan for you to become happy" and yet I kneel down at night, thinking, "Where are you?" However, this week, I've learned just how close He is, in the same moment when He seems so far away. 

He is always there. 

He always answers prayer.

And He always sends help when we need it.

It's completely true, our trials may not be taken from us or our struggles dissipate entirely. We're here to learn how to endure well. However, if we need help in order to endure, HE SENDS IT.
It's our job to recognize that help when it comes. THAT is how I've begun to notice how close the Lord truly is. He's sent me angels--others around me--to administer to me. He's sent me small packages of joy in little moments throughout the day. He's answered the small and seemingly insignificant desires of my heart--desires I didn't even bother to pray about, they seemed so unimportant. But He knew they were there. And He knows how to help us, if we but ask. 


Even for the small things. Pray for tender mercies. Pray to recognize them too. They're there. Daily, I'm coming to understand and recognize them better. He is at our side, His hand istruly at work all around us. If we but have the faith to see, we will know. 

Don't be afraid to ask Him for anything.

Don't hesitate to tell Him everything. 

"If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?" (Matthew 7:11)

He may not take all our pain and struggle away, but He will ALWAYS send us help and assistance. ALWAYS

There is true JOY to be found in that!

Onward and upward,

Sister Anna Parker


So-Chi Service Team! (Don't worry, the three on the left are not breaking the Missionary No-Contact Zone 'cause they're not missionaries:)