Monday, November 11, 2013

Lovin me some technology

No wonder I have heart problems. Headquarters keeps springing stuff on me. First it was Facebook, then it was training, now....did I mention??


Oh, but wait, it gets better.....


Sign me up for a mission, all over again. Seriously.


Yup. We get our own individual ipad and at the end of our mission, we get to take them home with us! It's not like that's making me feel trunky at all. #sheesh

It was announced last Friday, and we get them on Wednesday of next week! Ahhhhh!!! 


We don't know yet what type of parameters as well as "instructions for use" accompany this new privilege, but either way, I'm in. Sign me up.

Already my mission mind wheels are winding up with ideas of what's next.....hologram missionaries maybe? hahahaha! That'd be legit. 

Anywhoozies, our week was crazy busy! We had SO much to do, which is even crazier since we lost half our area to the elders. We're excited to see where all this busyness takes us. 

So with Fall being in full swing here, we've hit the drawing board again for new finding ideas. At the top of the list: offer to rake leaves. 

Strategize. Plan. Execute. 

Result? 1 PNI, 1 Referral, many weird looks. 

What?? Girls can rake leaves in pencil skirts and boots...


It's actually been a good door-opener-keep-opener. We met a very friendly African-American man who welcomed our offer to help rake and said he'd like to hear more from "2 young people out on a beautiful Fall day, doing whatever they can to help the world become a better place."

'Bout sums up our lives. 

We're setting up a teaching appointment and possible a ward service project for him this week. Blessing lives is truly the most blessing work!

Update on the health: Soooooooooooo......blood tests results came back. No anemia.


 Bad news: My iron levels were "dangerously" low. 95-100 range is normal. Mine: 26.  Classified: not normal.


In the process now of getting those back up to normal, which is supposed to help with the light-headed episodes. The GP is still concerned with the whole "ventricular bigeminy"  going on, though, so I'm seeing the cardiologist this Friday. Lucky me.

All in all, the dizziness, shakiness, and light-headedness (that's too many ness's:) is just wearing on me. I know something's wrong, but I'm in the "don't admit it and it might go away" mode. I'm starting to reach the end of that rope, though, and just want this all cleared up. Hopefully, I'll have more answers by next week. 


The training's going pretty well. I continue to be amazed by how well the Lord knows each of us. He puts us in situations, companionships, areas,  missions, callings, relationships, etc. that we, from our perspective, feel we can never succeed in. The work seems too hard, the effort too great, the difficulties too overwhelming, the people too problematic. But the Lord, in His gentle wisdom, knows that no growth comes without stretching.

I'm feeling stretched. 

This is a whole new hard. It's newand it's hard. There are some days when all I can do is hit the pillow at night, hoping tomorrow will be better. But those days build me. I don't recognize it then, but eventually, at some point, the Lord leads me to a look out, where I can see how far I've come. 

Sometimes, I'm tempted to skip the view, and instead stare at the course yet to be climbed. That's when the Lord gently reminds me that right now, right here, is my biggest and best. The most beautiful view I've ever seen, is the one I'm seeing now. This is the farthest I've ever come. He points the view out to me, and sure enough, I begin to enjoy the journey more. 

Stop fretting over the future, stressing over the struggles, and dwelling on the drudgery.

Note to self...

"Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured!" Gordon B. Hinckley   

The work is well, and the blessings great. We cannot fail for the God of Israel leads this camp!

Staying strong, loving on.

Onward and upward!

Sister Anna Parker