Wednesday, November 19, 2014

You Better Believe It

I feel like I should start off every weekly email with "guess what???" And then list off all the random, crazy, stupid, funny, amazing, downright wicked stuff I've managed to learn that week.

Here's my chance:

First: you can annihilate an entire 8 generations of fruit flies living and reproducing uncontrollably fast in a small sister missionary's apartment (because of one freakin pineapple trying to get ripe) using the back end of a blow dryer. Plug that baby in, wait for the little pests to come flying around, and then dtttttttzzzzzzzz....they're toast before the other end can even shoot em out. OK.....stop judging....gotta do whatchya gotta do:) you know you wanna try it now......

Second: giving companions tutorials on how to use sock buns will inevitably turn into "wanna see the Princess Leah look??" My excuse: two demos is better than one. The truth: I'm a straight up Star Wars nerd.....#thanksto6brothers #hatersgonnahate

Third: while waiting for dinner to be put on the table at a part-member family's home, if I'm bored and then get handed a handful of mini marshmallows by the kids, I immediately go into entertainer mode and start taking bets on which marshmallow trick shots I can make. I proud to say I've mastered the off-the-wall-and-into-mouth dare and the 10-in-a-row mouth catch. #swag

Fourth: to avoid awkward and confused looks while backing a companion out in the FREEZING cold weather.......pretending to assess and check the tire pressure works like a charm. Yea........this is my life:)

Fifth: running out of gasoline on Sunday is NEVER a good idea. All I'm gonna say. Thank heavens for investigators who are close by, have gasoline lying around in the garage, and who could use a lesson on keeping the sabbath day holy......even if it's in a VERY indirect way:)

Sixth: 7-11 isn't kidding when they say that their hot chocolate is EXTREMELY hot. #stillcanttasteathing   #andthisiswhyidontdrinkcoffee

And last but not least, giving away a cards with your number on it is NOT always a pleasant experience. SOML. Example this week (talking to an attractive young guy who stopped to talk with us): 

"Do you have a church you go to?"

"Sorta, I'm a 7th Day Adventist"

"Oh ok, well could we give you our card? It has our website on it with some information you might be interested in and we can give you our number too if you'd like so you can call us with any questions you have?"

"Sure, I'll take your number, but I'll tell you right now it wouldn't be for that reason..."
*wink and sketch smile* that point of COURSE my hand is already extended with our card (and number).......GREATToo late now. We finished off that convo pretty quick and luckily he hasn't called us yet. If he does....

"hey elders, guess what?? We have a referral for you!!" 


On Tuesday, we took Katy (the one who's parents won't let her be baptized so she's waiting till she's 18, but who attends seminary, mutual, and church more often then active members;) and her friend Andy to the baptism of an investigator in the other ward. It was SUCH a unique experience being with them and seeing their faces light up as they watched another take this big step. Andy kept saying, "He looks SO happy!! How is he so happy?! He's just SO happy!" We challenged him that night to baptism, and we'll see what he says this week when we meet with him! AHHHHH!!!!!

Prem and James also had dinner with us this week and we talked about receiving answers to prayers. Prem is SO close!!! SO close to getting his answer!! He's trying to read 100 pages a week (!!!) from the Book of Mormon……and get this…..he’s reading through ISAIAH right now. I swear….my investigators are SO much better than me in SO many ways.


And THEN….there’s Patrick. Patrick is VERY scientifically minded and has deep DEEP thoughts about God and the universe. Example……..

Patrick: “God is too magnificent to be comprehended by the finite mind. And kind of like how a molecule within the ocean is coursed by the pulls of gravity and the currents of the waves, we’re that molecule. And the water….it’s in us. It’s there…..but we’re bound by the forces of nature and the mind of God. You know what I mean??”

---> (O_o) <---




BUT, as we were sitting there… mind WAS totally opened to the magnitude of God's power, as Patrick talked about belief in "frequencies" of faith, being mentally "on track" to discern God's patterns in life, and other scientific reasonings behind our purpose here on earth. We shared parts of the plan of salvation with him, and he left telling us, "I thought that tonight was going to be really weird and not worth my time, but I learned a lot. There's something about what you're teaching that's different. There's more to this!"

It was such a testimony building experience for me, because I knew that this doctrine could not be created by man. Here's a guy who's mentally gifted, who's studied the elements of science and reasoning, and yet, the simple doctrine of the plan of happiness opened his mind to higher spheres! And we as the missionaries were astounded that he was as mind-blown as he was, especially since we were SO incapable (that’s an understatement) of answering all of his answers with the same depth of thought that he approached them with.

God work’s miracles though….AND we definitely saw one;) Patrick left us that night with, “This s*** is great! It totally makes sense!” Hey at least he meant well;) AND….he wants to meet again.

whatever it takes


It’s been a satisfying week with SO many rewarding experiences that opened my mind to God’s goodness. This work is challenging, but we’re seeing the hand of God in our lives and others on a DAILY basis. You better believe it. 

And…we’re having fun while we’re at it.

What could be better?

Onward and upward,

Sis Anna Parker

....what we do while waiting for investigators to show up.....

it's a real thing.......recreating my halloween costume from 10+ years ago....#tbt

our candy bar poster we made for a wardie......yea....we're that cool;)