Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Missionaries at the Movies

We were in a lesson with Katy this week, and told her we'd take some time to answer her questions about the Book of Mormon (since she's reading it cover to cover.....
whaaaaaat:). She immediately whipped out her Mickey Mouse notebook with, "Alright.....let's see......ok first
question: What's a 'seraphim'???'"


Well THAT escalated quickly......

yea........didn't see that one coming but apparently I was actually paying attention in seminary three years ago when we covered 2 Nephi 16 cause we pulled out an answer from somewhere, and Katy was satisfied. John's a real thing.

" question: What's the 'Millennial Day'??"

Geez laweez girllll.

Luckily, her 15 year-old fellowshipper (member) came to the rescue after we’d tried to explain that it was related to Christ’ 2ndComing, a thousand years, no Satan, and all that jazz by saying,
“Basically, Katy….not to be a downer….but you’re probably not even going to be alive for it so…’s not really that important.”

She’s gotta point.

hahaha! Every lesson with them is sporadic, hyper, tangent-crazed, hysterical, and somehow way deep into doctrine……and weLOVE it;) teaching teenagers is a joy <3 and katy is reading her scriptures and attending seminary daily, coming to church, and actively forging her testimony! It’s incredible to watch!!

Later this week, we were at the library, messaging our investigators and blogging away, when the lady across the counter from me leans over and says, “I thought you’d just like to know that there’s a guy here who’s stalking you.”

I’m sorry…..what???

She continues to go on to describe him, telling me that he just left the computer area, but that for the entire time since we got there, he’d been spying on me from across the room. I’m officially freaked out now.  And then she has to go and say…..“I have two daughters… I know a stalker when I see one… your back.”

*nervous laughs silence blink blink “ok thanks” *

……..honestly I had NO idea what to say or do….so instead we just wrapped up quick and then played “Where in the library is Carmen Sandiego?” trying to avoid a guy in “a blue hoodie with dark hair and black eyes”…..

We haven’t spotted him yet….but we’re staying on the lookout for suspicious characters. Ah……#sismishlife

We got a referral a week or so ago that we’ve been trying to contact via phone for a while now, and we finally decided to stop by. The background info indicated that the referral’s dad had referred him. So we hit the road determined to find this referral and we ended up driving for about 10 minutes until we finally reached the address:


Now that’s just mean.

I was just waiting for some candid camera crew to come running out of the bushes and for us to turn into the next youtube episode…..BUT….they didn’t. Darn it. Instead, I turned to sis Carroll with, “Maybe we should’ve contacted him sooner???”hahaha! Guess he’ll end up as a family history referral;)

This week, I swear, the e.n.t.i.r.e. ward and all of our investigators have decided to move. Ok not really….but one after another we keep being told that everyone and their dog needs help packing, moving, and unpacking. We’re LOVING the opportunities to serve and have become experts in tape gunning and dish wrapping;) Luckily….most of the people moving are just relocating in the area, but there are some (namely James!!)  that are moving for good and it’s gonna be SO hard to say goodbye.

I hate goodbyes:/

Anyways…..we also got the chance as a district to caravan to different members and investigators houses this week to offer to rake their leaves and mow their lawns. We got to help out an investigator of ours who’s recently been through some family tragedies and it was b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. to see the difference that we made in her life! Ah! It’s indescribable the satisfaction that we get to enjoy as missionaries as we get to go out and make a difference in people’s lives EVERY DAY. #cantcompare #thepowerisreal

The other service we got involved in this week was at a community recycling event. We get there, pull on gloves and reflective vests, and then get stationed at a table where a woman instructs us, “Ok… we need you two girls to count all the wine corks that get donated.”

Uhhhhhhh……can we do that???

Apparently we didn’t have a choice. So as the cars started rolling in and donations started getting dropped off, we went to town tallying every. single. cork. that got donated.

get on our level

By the end of the day, we had over 1,600 corks we’d individually counted….and our hands smelled NASTY. What was weird was seeing these little old ladies handing over bags and boxes FULL of corks. Grandma…….easy does it;) haha! We enjoyed getting the community image though, and at the end, the event coordinator spilled her life history about how she dated a Mormon in HS, and how she went to his farewell, and how they never actually ended up together, but he’s “still very Mormon and very married.”

Yep….sounds about right…..that’s how we do it:)

AND speaking of Mormons…….. on Wednesday we got a special pre-screening of

-------- MEET THE MORMONS! -------

I can honestly say it’s the >BEST< movie I’ve seen in the past year….oh wait…’s the <only> movie I’ve seen in the past year…..hahaha. SOML. It's probably the only time missionaries have been allowed to watch a legit showing-in-theaters movie.......YOLO. watching it somehow felt slightly (very slightly:) wrong but oh so good...

And it was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!


I’m part of the THE coolest church EVER.

We got to watch it as a zone and you could totally tell by who laughed at the South Park reference who actually got it;) haha! By the end, I was BAWLING though!! AH!! Moms are legit. So are missionaries<3. Sitting there watching this full-length movie produced by the church and being shown across the country….I couldn’t help but sit back amazed. ALL of it was incredible, so well done, and honestly informative. It was a strong reminder to me that the God of Israel leads this church

It’s not the prophet. 
It’s not elected leaders.
 It’s not highly-educated individuals. 
It’s not Joseph Smith.
 It’s not any earthly person. 
God himself leads this church. 

He directs it’s affairs through those He inspires and calls, and He is the One who is hastening His work to find those who will receive Him.

I get to be a part of that!

I was struck by the simpleness of each of the “Mormon’s” testimony…..we’re just ordinary people trying to follow the example of Jesus Christ, to be more like Him, and we’re just “perfect in one thing: trying to be perfect.”

That’s all God expects of us. And with the restored gospel of Jesus Christ available on the earth today, we can come closer to reaching that potential than by any other way! I’m BEYOND grateful for that knowledge! For the path that I’ve found through the teachings and doctrines of Christ, I will FOREVER be grateful!

Onward and upward,

Sister Anna Parker

We had a NASTY HUGE DISGUSTING bug on the ceiling of our shower this week. Oh my gross. aaaaaaannnnd.....of comp pulled the whole "you're the senior companion" card on me while handing me the vacuum.....
hecka nasty......yea me too #nomakeup #ijustwannashower

we figured he'd eventually die in there if we taped the top off.......YES.....we are whimps. #suchgirls

ally wanted to match me on Sunday so she went and bought my exact same outfit online.......freaking. love. that. girl:) #practicallysisters #lovemyinvestigators