Thursday, September 4, 2014

You Microwaved What??

Oh elders.

gotta love em........even though I sometimes have NO idea where they come up with things.

true story........ the elders tell me this week:

"So we were trying to find a good object lesson for the Holy Ghost, and decided to try microwaving a light bulb....."

i'm sorry, what???

"yea.... it actually does light up after about 5 just have to make sure it's sitting in doesn't work the other way....oh and just be sure if you ever do it to only microwave it for 20 seconds....NOT us...."

mmmmmmmmk.......cause I've always wanted to try microwaving a light bulb. And now we all know what new rule is gonna show up in the revised white handbook. Gawl.

Then just yesterday they tell me: "So I got a pair of my favorite white shorts dirty this week, and after washing them in the washing machine, they still didn't come out clean. So I decided to try washing them in the DISHWASHER....."

you're kidding, right??  Nope

"Yea.....I came back into the kitchen like half an hour later....and......well.....there was soap like ALL over the kitchen floor.......oh and my shorts still didn't get clean..."

And that's why guys need wives.


love em:)

Sis Carroll and I got to help out at multiple service projects this week......AND managed to get three free T-shirts in the process......#6andcounting. We volunteered at a 5K registration station......a REALLY good way to meet people and get community recognition btw......and managed to give away our number and info about the church to a few people.

We also got listed to go help an elderly couple in the ward clean out their freezer. We showed up, got swarmed by bees trying to reach the front door, then got swarmed by fruit flies trying to get through the kitchen, and then got assigned to pull 3 mighty-lite buckets-worth of food out of the freezer.

 the member instructed us, "Just go through this stuff and throw out anything that's expired..."
Can't be too hard, right??

Ehhhhhh.....not so much.

 It soon turned into a competition between Sis Carroll and I to find the oldest expired food while we dug through ice cream bars, frozen veggies, slabs of meat, and TV dinners:  "4 years expired..........2 years expired...........oh yea, 6 years expired........7 years expired.........wait for it.......9. years. expired."

winner winner chicken dinner......

no kidding. it literally was a chicken dinner:) lols

 So we've learned now that while it might not be the brightest idea since the invention of the mop......apparently you can keep food storage in the long as it's only 9 years old. 10 years is pushing it. hahaha:)

Sis Carroll and I also went to visit an elderly Ukranian woman in our ward, B--, who sat us down and immediately started to tell us about how she'd tried to cook dinner but instead ended up with tomato sauce all over the ceiling and walls of her small apartment because her pressure cooker "blew up.....BOOM!!!" oh my gosh....she's a hoot:)
She then says, "Honey, I tell was a BIG mess!!! haha! Tomato....all over....[and then she turns mid-sentence and TOTALLY out of the blue, to Sis Carroll and says:]....are you CHINESE??"

I was D.Y.I.N.G.!!!!

Sis Carroll was SO caught off guard, but managed to tell her that she wasn't to which B-- only said, "Ha, strange......well you look Chinese." gosh, we <3 her:)

Our other weekly adventures included going FISHING on P-day (yep.....dragged my comp into it with me:) and brushed up on my casting skills....... #holla.  We then got a personal escort into the police department/village hall by an officer as we were trying to put up blood drive posters on Saturday when no one was open (geniuses:) . As we put up the poster, the officer said,

"Gotta tell ya, where this poster's being put up....the only people who'll probably see it will be people who are dealing with......well....US..."

“Oh:) drugs just might be a problem??:)"

"Haha! Naaaa.....just clean it;)"

Hahaha! That's a thing??;) gotta love a cop with a sense of humor;)

And now....for the BIG news......ALLY HAS DECIDED TO GET BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She told us Friday night that she's been thinking about it for a while, and has now decided that this is what she wants!!!!!!!!!! Friday night, we'd all met up at the O'Briens house (Ally's next door neighbor, and our ward mission leader) and Bethany had come with us. We got to girl chat for a while and then read Mosiah 24 together about how God lifts our burdens and makes us stronger when we're going through difficult times. They both really liked it, and when we'd finished, Sis Carroll and I had to dash in order to keep curfew (wait for it.....obedience brings blessings......:)
But as we left, Ally asked Bethany to stay, and after we'd gone, she pulled Bethany aside and told Bethany the big news. Come to find, Ally has really started to look to Bethany as a role model (they're both joining while in High school, both are the only members in their families, etc.) and Bethany has really taken Ally under her wing and become her mentor!!!


It's  B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. to see how The Lord has everything perfectly timed and ordered!!! Bethany had been expressing how she didn't know why she was still in the area, going to a community college, while all of her friends (specifically her HS friends in the church) have all left to go to college in Utah and other places. However, our ward mission leader pointed out that it seems like Bethany was meant to stay here for Ally's sake......Ah!!!! Sure enough, Bethany is an answer to Ally's prayers and together they're progressing wonderfully in the gospel!!

The Lord truly does work in mysterious ways!! And Bethany and Ally are evidence of that!!! We're so excited for Ally to make this choice!!!! AH!!

The gospel is happiness, God answers prayers, and miracles do happen:)

Onward and upward,

 Sister Anna Parker

first car selfie.....its tradition;)

fishing....yea...not the best picture of us ever taken....but hey, the fish don't care:)