Tuesday, March 11, 2014


So, I'm convinced that GOD KNOWS MY SENSE OF HUMOR.

Every now and then, He'll give me a week that's meant to keep me smiling and lightening up my mood. I dig it. #dizweek

It's like every day He arranged for something to happen that left me loving life a little more and stressing a little less. Yea, I needed it too. Supes up:

TOP BREAKING NEWS: Yolanda had her baby!!!!!!!!!! One more kiddo for me to adopt:)  #brothahfromanothermothah! Josiah James King. We got to visit him not 24 hours after he was born and it was PRECIOUS! Aaaaaah! I love 'dem babies!! The whole crew was there when we went to visit him so........lots o' boys in the house:) Yolanda looked AMAZING too! (Note to self: look that good after giving birth to my fifth son;). Both Mom and baby are doing well! Keep praying for them, though!

Leaving the hospital after visiting Yolanda, we got parking passes for free clergy parking (tricks of the trade, future missys:), but we didn't realize it was the wrong pass till we got to the gate and the parking agent told us we'd accidentally been given the DISCOUNT instead of the FREE parking pass.

Well this is AWKWARD.

After trying to plead our case, the agent still wasn't convinced so I finally pulled off my name tag, "Here." He looked it over for a second, and then asked, "Is your first name, Sister?"


"Eh heh.....no. I'm a missionary, that's our title." [More muttering and grunting]..... and then he says, "So you're a sister, huh?" Yessir.  "Well........I guess a name tag's good enough, then."

#TAGSWAG      #inthebag

Those shiny black badges come in handy in a number of ways:) If ya got it, flaunt it. Totally drove outta that parking garage lovin' my tag just a tad bit more. #badgeswithbenefits     #stillgot$20inmypocket

Next day news: Convo with the Po-Po. So we're walking to a dinner appointment with Marie and Abass, and we're strolling down the side of the street, about to cross, when a police sedan pulls up along side us. The officer rolls down his window and says, "You two girls are gonna get hit by a car."


So my comp explains that we're going to visit a friend and were about to cross the road. He replies, "Ok, well go ahead and cross. Oh, and you guys should be wearing hats, it's freezing out here."


He flips on his lights, while we rather confusedly cross the road RIGHT in front of him (talk about AWKWARD). What's worse, we had to clumsily hike over mounds of icy snow in pencil skirts to get to the sidewalk, all while these two officers are staring at us point blank. Shoot me! (haha....get it? oh such a nerd sometimes!:) 

We finally start to regain our composure after our arctic excursion, when the officer on the other side of the car rolls down his window and says, "What are you guys doing out here anyways? Like who are you?"

Now THERE'S a topic we like to talk about.

So we tell him we're missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to which he responds, "Oh yea....the guys in white shirts and ties, right?" Yeeeeeesssss. 'Cept we're the girl version.

(and lezzzzzz get real....the "better" version:) jk

He asked where we were originally from and we told him and offered to share with him our number and more about what we believe. He decline with, "Sorry, but I can't accept numbers or offers like that when I'm on the job."


So instead, we told him to track US down when he WASN'T on the job:) Not weird at all. Just before walking away, he called out to us one more time, and we turned, expecting some miracle heart-changed "I'll -look-into-your-church" "How-can-I-learn-more?" "There's-something-different-about-you-guys" exclamation, and then he says......

"Oh yea, and GET HATS ON!!!!!!"

Alright, alright, alright! Crush my hopes......Geez. Hahahaha! Oh well. We planted seeds. AND, he did seem genuinely impressed by our role as missionaries, so.......guess we'll see:)

And the fun never ends: the VERY next day, we were visiting a potential new investigator in the evening in a "sorta sketchy" part of town, and I got out of the car just as two black guys were walking past. Both of them started rolling out the "heyya's" and hit-ons, until it got to the point where an argument started breaking out over who I "belonged" to......

"Hey! I started talking to her first! She's mine!"
"Hey man, that's not how it works. She be fine and I called her first!"
"She wouldn't want you, man! Look at you!"
"Hey! Leave it alone! 'Course she'd want me! Excuse his manners, ma'am." 

"Girls, Girls! You're both pretty, can I go home now?"  (haha! Sorry....the movie quoting just has to come out sometimes;)

After a few awkward minutes of that, they rolled on down the street (probably drunk) and left us alone. 


(Gotta insert here, real quick: even in situations like that, it's become apparent to me that the Lord instills us with power and peace as His set-apart representatives. He's watching out for us, and is keeping us safe! No need to worry, Mom (and moms reading:)! President has assured us, that as we are obedient, the Lord promises us safety!)

We eventually located our PNI and asked if we could share a message. He declined, saying he was busy, but that we could come back later. Last thing he said to us,


Ok, ok, ok!!!! Got it. Get a hat on. All of Evanston can say it to my face, now. Apparently, it's a thing. I should wear a hat..........NOTED. Anyone else? hahahaha!

We're staying warm, while staying frosty (Flashpoint peeps....ya feel me?:)!

We had an amazing SUNDAY. Ok, so every Sunday is amazing, but this one was uber amazing:) MARGARET AND ABASS GOT CONFIRMED!!!! It was SO BEAUTIFUL! Margaret came dressed in one of her traditional African dresses and looked stunning and Abass came in a white shirt and tie, with black suit pants and polished shoes to boot! They looked AMAZINGAnd their blessings were powerful! They're offish MEMBERS OF THE CHURCH NOW!! 



Their journey's just started:).............many more blessings to come!!!!!!!!!

We also got to meet with Dawon this week and CHALLENGED HIM TO BAPTISM!!! At first he declined, saying he'd already been baptized. However, by the end of the lesson, after emphasizing the importance of proper priesthood authority, he committed to pray about it.  #progress

Keep praying for him! It's a big step, we know, but it'll bring him SO much happiness!!!

Oh, yea, and other minor detail for the week: I'M NOT GETTING TRANSFERRED!!!!!! I have another 6 glorious weeks to live up in North Shore 1st! #couldntbehappier! I love love love it here and can't wait to tear it up some more:) Aaaaannnnnddddd......Sis Teare's still my comp! Partners in crime....#4lyfe! We're excited to have another transfer together and are already making plans to make it our best!!!


To finish up, here's the weekly soapbox schpeel: It' ll all be alright in the end. If it's not alright, it's not the end. (Yep, not my quote, but I like it:) 

Keep believing.                  Keep hoping.                    Keep having faith.                     Keep pressing on.

Missionaries have the unique opportunity as well as challenge to address the deep struggles and challenges which investigators, less-actives, recent-converts, and also members are facing. People often open up to us about their problems, and it can sometimes be overwhelming to take in as a young 20 year old with not a whole lot of experience.

However, even though bad things happen to good people, God is ALWAYS behind it all, with a divine plan for each of His children. Thus, it'll all be alright in the end, 


If you think He's not there, think again. He's there. Not lightyears away or dimensions apart......but RIGHT THERE with you, when you cry, when you're lonely, when you lose hope, when everything seems to be going wrong. He's beside you, all-knowing and all-kind. Trust that He'll make everything work out for your good.

Good things come to those who wait!!!!!

Onward and upward!

Sister Anna Parker

baby love <3


(Departing District Meeting for one of the AP's: Hipster style!)          #SWAG

The all-famous exchanges reunion selfie..........#hatersgonnahate

#selfiesunday         #besties