Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sister Celebrity

"Are you Jabari Parker's wife?"

Score!! Somebody finally asked me that question!!! Unfortunately, I had to answer "no," but still!! I was kinda ecstatic:) Aaaaaaaannnnd....we got a return appointment because of it:) 


Oh, the questions you get asked as missionaries. We really do have a hoot. 

Good news! We got two new investigators this week! The one I'm most excited about: 


Yea, he's unbelievable! He's been married twice, lives in his own house, walks to and from the store with his groceries every week, walks to church, and takes care of himself all year long. Crrrraaaazzzzyy! I love him! He's very open to our message and all I can think of is the parable of the laborers in the vineyard all receiving the same wage at the end of the day. He's 98, but he's ready for his wages! We're excited to go back and teach him!

We also returned to teach J-- this past week. Before, he'd mentioned he had concerns about the historical and geographical evidence of the Book of Mormon, so we provided him with "The Ancient American Settting for the Book of Mormon" to whet his scientific appetite. Upon our return visit, he says, "After reading even just the first chapter of this book, I suddenly realized that the Book of Mormon is claimed to have happened in central America. I thought you believed it took place in Palestine!"

Say what???

Yea, this whole time, he'd been thinking that the Book of Mormon happened in Palestine. 


I have NO idea how he's been going along with us for so long without realizing that! No wonder he had questions about the factual evidence of the Book of Mormon! He thought we claimed that it all happened in Palestine--a record of a people thousands large, with records, cities, armies, and major events occurring throughout, and yet no one had ever heard of them in little 'ol Israel. 


Oh, well. His enthusiasm over the Book of Mormon is completely rekindled and he's now reading it starting over again (he'd read to 4th Nephi!) with renewed interest in discovering how it all fits in. 

Lesson learned: explain the Book of Mormon. Even if it's brief. At least, cover where it takes place:)

Our two kids on date for baptism are going to be baptized on October 26th now (because of scheduling issues) but they are going strong! I can't wait for them to partake in this ordinance! J-- is already anticipating receiving the priesthood and passing the sacrament! The blessings of baptism are so near, I can feel it!

The work is good. The blessings great. The people ready!

In keeping with tradition, the humorous event of this week actually happened in the middle of the night while I was sleeping. Yea, I know, you should be excited by now. Sooooooo, since I try to take a picture for every day of my mission, in my dream I was struggling to remember to take one daily. I figured the solution to this problem was to install a security-type camera to the ceiling above my bed so that at the end of the day, if I'd forgotten to take a pictures, I could just strike a quick pose and call it good. So, being not fully asleep, I start making all kinds of smiley faces, thumbs up, kiss faces, etc. to the ceiling. 


So, when I get up to heaven and get to watch my life's movie, there's going to be a random night on my mission where I'm making stupid faces to the ceiling in the middle of the night. Can't wait to watch it!!! hahahaha!

Since I was out sick for half the week, we didn't get out a lot, but we got to go to a "New Missionary Training" with the President and mission leaders. A comment from one of the greenies really made an impression on me. She said, each person serves a different but equally important role in the harvesting.

Some of us are the sowers, planing seeds along the way. 
Some are the nurturers, watering and fertilizing the young plants. 
Some are the weeders, rooting out distractions that keep the plants from growing. 
Some are the harvesters, bringing forth the fruits of all those who have labored before.

 I loved that expanded analogy! Your mind can run wild with the application of this! As missionaries (and all you members, you're not exempt:), we work to share the message, even if we are rejected. We work with less actives to support and encourage. We work with recent-converts to guide and nurture. And then, occasionally, we baptize! Yet, every laborer, in every stage, plays a vital role in the gathering in of faithful souls! Even if you think your efforts are wasted, fruitless, or minimal--THEY MATTER! Keep inviting! Keep strengthening! Keep saving!

Members are the most powerful missionaries!!

Thank you for the letters you send to me and the prayers you send to Him! They're giving me strength! Keep 'em coming!

Onward and upward!

Sister Anna Parker